Solicitation Policy

We have established the following solicitation policy for financial instruments of our agency in accordance with the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments.

  1. In the sale of products, we will comply with the Insurance Business Act, the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments, and other related laws and regulations, and we will endeavor to make appropriate sales.
  2. We will encourage the acquisition of knowledge and dedicated study, and we will strive to demonstrate adequate consulting functions from the customer’s point of view.
  3. In light of the comprehensive consideration of the customer’s financial position and purpose in holding insurance, we will make efforts to enable the customer to select products from a wide range of options based on the customer’s intentions and circumstances.
  4. Bearing in mind the customer’s understanding and experience in regard to instruments that carry market risk, we will endeavor to provide appropriate information to enable the customer to engage in transactions at the customer’s discretion and responsibility.
  5. In our sales and solicitation activities, we will endeavor to take adequate account of factors such as time and place from the viewpoint of the customer.
  6. When we engage in sales where we do not meet directly with the customer, we will exercise our ingenuity in arrangements such as explanation methods in endeavor to ensure the customer will have an adequate understanding.
  7. We will respect the privacy of the customer and make efforts to ensure that information concerning the customer is handled appropriately.
  8. In the unlikely case of an insured event, we will assist the customer as much as possible to enable the customer to make an insurance claim that proceeds smoothly and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  9. We will listen to the customer’s opinions and requests and we will endeavor to improve our sales and other operations.

Date of Enactment: November 1, 2018